Reasons why you should carry a camera. . .

Reasons  why you should carry a camera. . .

This came to me by email . . . I do not know the source, but . . .

I simply could not resist sharing . . . ENJOY!

and have a great day!


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Monday Morning Coffee – A Dose of Home Sales Statistics Truth Serum

If you don’t like the statistics you’re hearing, change the channel . . . You’ll find wildly different stats and analysis while you surf.

Before polluting your mind with statistics that aren’t necessarily relevant to YOUR house and/or decision to sell a house, consider the following.

Most folks are hearing the “National Media Experts” talking about National, Regional, State, City level statistics. While it’s useful to have some education on the macro side of things, your decisions serve you better when based on LOCAL expert opinions. These National experts slice and dice the numbers from a Historical perspective . . . comparing today’s market activity to prior years. is the leader in on-line “House valuation” . . . It’s all the rage. Plug in your address and hit the button and their algorithms study data from multiple sources and spit out a value for ya. If you don’t like the value it gives you, you can tweak it by fiddling with the amenities and features of the home. There are other on-line sources for valuation. All are based in large part on Historical Data (Again).

The Associations of REALTORS (National, State, & Local) almost ALL issue statistical analysis end of each month. These sales figures have a much higher credibility than most other “Macro” sources because they come from organizations who UNDERSTAND better when it comes to interpretation of the data. 2 caveats . . . The Associations are always going to “Positive Spin” the data as much as possible so as to avert consumer panic. They are very interested in more people buying MORE houses . . . and Every one of these I’ve seen compare today’s market to last year’s market (Prior Historical Data).

All of the above sources are “Macro” sources meaning they are aggregating sales statistic for HUGE areas. the national, regional, and state level statistics can be wildly skewed by just a few “bad eggs” – a couple of cities in particularly poor markets. The Local REALTOR Associations are more reliable but still have a fairly broad stroke and can be skewed by hard-hit neighborhoods or depressed areas of the market they serve . . . while other neighborhoods may be flourishing.

So . . . What’s the truth serum?


Call the person who works in YOUR area and KNOWS the houses (Having personally walked through many of them). What you’ll hear from your local REALTOR will be “NOW” interpretation based on REAL, LIVE, RECENT HOME SALES.

The good news in Middle Tennessee is that the past 6 months have been very steady and active resulting in some REAL sales comparables (something we have not really had in the prior 6 months). This market is ALIVE AND WELL.

I am just now putting the finishing touches on the Pareto Realty Newsletter in which I am providing market activity data from both Greater Nashville and Williamson County Associations of REALTORS as well as my own analysis by zip code of many of the specific neighborhoods. Let me know if you wanna copy?

Of course . . . a zip code analysis is still fairly broad, so if you’re really wanting to know what’s going on on your street or in your specific neighborhood, contact us.

The same goes for any neighborhood in the country. When you’re SERIOUS about the REAL truth about house values, turn off the computer and TV and contact your LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD REALTOR.

Just sayin’



(Coffee cup is empty)

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Pulling the trigger of Change

The wistful comment: “I just wish everything could stay the same” is commonly the first response when reality begins setting in that change is in order (coming soon).

The tragic news is that “Everything is Moving” (ALWAYS) and that this world is and always has been in a state of transformation. We cannot seal ourselves from “external spanners” . . . Regardless of our efforts to seal our lives in a vacuum, the truth remains: Stuff happens!

We can train ourselves to deal with change in 2 ways:

  • Intentionally live life embracing change with enthusiasm . . . a proactive way of living . . . Understanding that the best defense is a good offense . . . Rolling with the river (the tide) and respond to the issues and opportunities that come.
  • Join the “Haters of Change” movement. Deny change . . . Live your life in struggle resisting the inevitable til death. This is a “Best offense is a great Defense” with the goal of keeping the other team (change) from scoring . . . all the while failing to score yourself . . . the end result is a very low scoring game that is excruciatingly difficult.
Haters of change tend to build up a measure of personal resentment. They then concentrate on finding allies (other Haters of change) who will co-conspire with them to organize a movement to keep things as they are . . . This is very engaging for them as the commiseration leads to camaraderie . . . and next thing ya know, they’ve invested their whole life energy in this war against change.
The uncomfortable by-product of this is that the rest of the world continues forward and these Haters of Change alienate themselves from everyone else. They may abandon the things and people who REALLY matter in their lives as they become more and more obsessed  with saving their world from change.
Friends disappear . . . and non-haters of Change begin avoiding these folks.
Where I am going with this . . .
I believe the magical mystery of all of this centers around an individual person’s grasp on what really MATTERS in his life. What’s more important . . .
Fighting Change?
Fighting to create change?
Zac Brown says in a song: “If you can’t change it, you’ve gotta let it go!”
That’s the magic pill . . . Knowing when “it’s over” and acknowledging that “It’s OVER” is the simple ingredient in life that’s so easy (yet so difficult).
Sure! Stand up for what you believe intentionally.
Just measure everything you’re doing against the scale of: “Am I fighting an inevitable change which is distracting me from what/who matters in my life?”
If so . . . Pull the trigger and LET IT GO!
Let change happen because even if you don’t, it’s going to . . .
So . . . If you’re in a place where change is in order, go on the offense and make something POSITIVE happen.
Just saying!
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Monday Morning Coffee – Practicing Independence

Happy July 4th!

I sure hope you have a FABULOUS day CELEBRATING our Independence as a country. While you’re at it, celebrate your FREEDOM . . . and do it all safely (and responsibly).

For most folks, holidays are good reasons to take a day or so off work and be a bum around the house – or travel – or hang with family and friends. I’m a large supporter of that happening. I just pulled a rack of ribs out of the fridge and fired up the grill to start the process of turning them into a “Fall off the bone” feast in about 6 hours.

We’ll find a fireworks display to watch tonight – Nashville has a superb show at the Riverfront Park.

So today is Independence day.

What does that mean for us?

How would things be different for us now had our ForeFathers not Declared our Independence in 1776?

We’ll never know, but often I think along a slightly different track. Yes! What happened in 1776 WAS crucial to getting the ball rolling . . .

The part that amazes me is all of the folks (Presidents, Leaders, activists, Lobbyists, Benefactors, etc) who have cared enough for these 235 years to PRACTICE INDEPENDENCE in a way that sustains and preserves that independence and our way of life (FREEDOM)  following said declaration.

Michael Beschloss wrote a book entitled “Presidential Courage – Brave Leaders and How they Changed America 1789-1989“. I’m not a huge History book fan, but this one has completely caught my attention (I’m on my 2nd reading). I think Mr. Beschloss missed the sub-title . . . It should read “Brave Leaders and How They Practiced Sustenance of the Independence of America.

No worries – No book review here other than to say that the book is a fascinating recount of each of the presidents during that 200 year span . . . the tough issues and decisions they faced and how they each muddled through . . . and it WAS muddling through because the job of “President of a FREE and INDEPENDENT United States of America” does NOT come with an instruction manual.

My invitation to you is that you take a little time today and EVERY day to consider how YOU can “Practice Independence.” Think about what things you can do now to make Leadership decisions that will create a better FREE and Independent YOU.

I know for certain that as you make these tough decisions, you will improve not only your own lot in life but also the loves of those people around you.

Just keep on practicing . . .

Just sayin’



PS – I believe Home Ownership is one of the premium benefits of an Independent and Free country . . . I founded Pareto Realty to assemble a group of top performing Real Estate Professional to Practice our art of helping Home Buyers and Sellers practice their own Independence at a very high level. Contact us when the time is right for YOU! 🙂



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Seller: “Should I disclose . . . . ?”

Hmmmm . . . . YES!

Reminds me of the Rolls Royce dealer who (when asked the price of a car) quipped: “If you must ask the price, you cannot afford it.”

Most anything that the Seller KNOWS about the PHYSICAL condition of a house (past or present) SHOULD be disclosed.

So . . . If a seller of a house (or darn near anything) asks if something should be disclosed, odds are very good that the person asking the question considers said issue to be significant in her own mind . . . rational thinking might translate that to mean that same said issue would be significant to any future owner.

Some folks would argue that the issue became known and was fixed and therefore does not need to be disclosed. That’s good thinking as long as we are being logical and utopian.

Here’s the rub!

We’re in a litigious society! MANY people out there literally make a living from frivolous lawsuits . . . and most lawsuits relating to real property sales (Houses) center around failure to disclose (So says the E&O provider) . . . so . . . Unless you’ve got something to hide, why WOULDN’T you disclose it?

Bear in mind . . . I’m not advocating disclosure of things your not required to disclose . . . Things that are not relevant to the PHYSICAL condition of the property (Suspected ghosts, a death on the premisis).

Bottom line . . . If you’re selling a house and are filling out the property disclosure form . . . and something comes to mind that makes you ask the question:

“Should I disclose this?”

Err on the side of caution and DISCLOSE it. If it’s been fixed, attached documentation of the fix with the disclosure.

All in the name of avoiding standing before a judge months or years after the closing to answer a lawsuit of “Failure to disclose”

Just sayin’



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“You can’t work around issues until you know what they are!”

I know the Title is a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) but it sheds some light on what we in the military would call a CF (Charlie Foxtrot – more affectionately known as a Cluster F___)  which results in a quagmire of misunderstanding that is simply FUBAR (F’d up beyond all recognition).

That’s a lot of jargon to throw out there early in the morning . . .

The simple truth is that, like it or not, we’re all in this together, and it would behoove ALL of us to slow down a bit and take the time and attention necessary to acknowledge any misunderstandings (issues) present so that we CAN work around them.

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if we named issues as they surfaced and invited Spirited and ENGAGING dialog to work around those issues?

Alternatively, we could hold our cards close to our chest and avoid direct communication as we “negotiate to the death”.

You will reep what you sow . . . ALWAYS!

Clarity of goals and focus are essential.

If the main issue is lack of unified purpose/focus – STOP!



Matters not to me how fierce the negotiation is . . .

Fierceness tends to propagated from un-named issues and without naming the issues, no-one knows whether staying in the game is worthwhile.

Just sayin’



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Only “Locals” know this secret about Nashville – Country Living in the city

Most folks who aren’t from around here probably wouldn’t wander to the North and West 1/4 of Metropolitan Nashville (Davidson County) unless they just happened to be buzzing through to Clarksville or St Louis down I-24.

Why else would you even go there?


If heading West on I-24 is your only perspective, you’re missing out on a golden nugget of an area which offers a quality of life that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the planet 🙂

This is an area where you can buy a BIG house on a LOT of land “out in the country” . . . yet only 10 minutes (7 miles) to the Heart of Downtown. It’s a kinder, gentler pace of life . . . Just what you would expect in a rural area.

Quiet . . . Clean air . . . Smells better than the city . . . and you get a LOT more for your money there than most anywhere in Middle TN.

Why is this area such a secret?

Just take a look at a map . . . Can you see that blue ribbon snaking from West to east (The Cumberland River)? Notice the conspicuous lack of bridges crossing that river north of I-40 and West of I-65.

This Northwestern quadrant of the county is barely accessible to the uninformed motorist . . . You cannot get there from Nashville . . . Unless you know the secret (Where the bridges are).

The infrastructure of that whole area is light – not heavily developed . . . which serves as a nice protective barrier to keep mass developers at bay . . . Thus it has not been “commercialized” and heavily saturated with residential developments.

Fran Patton – Real Estate Professional with Pareto Realty – 615-513-0003 is offering for sale this magnificent specimen of a house in this “secret” area of Nashville.

I’ve scattered photos of this house throughout this post . . . Click here 681 Brick Church Lane for more details and pictures . . . BUT . . .

You must know that while these are fabulous pictures, they cannot possibly do the whole enchilada justice . . . Only a personal visit/experience will do if you are interested in tasting this magic.

So . . . If you want some land around you – Some “elbow room” in a superb location in Nashville just a short drive to the city . . . and do not want to spend more than $300,000 . . . You owe it to yourself to give Fran a call and see this for yourself.

Over 3000 Square Feet – 4 or 5 Bedrooms – 5+ acres . . . and simply beautiful.

If you are considering West Nashville, Green Hills, West Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Belle Meade, Bellevue . . . THINK OUTSIDE THAT BOX for a few minutes and consider this 🙂

I think you’ll be pleased . . . and will be thanking Fran for introducing you to this enigmatic “area 5”

Seems I showed more yard pictures than inside . . . because I’m a BIG fan of the outdoors . . . So I end with the interior shots. Be sure to click the link (address) to see other shots . . . This really is a great house.


Just sayin’



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