Measuring Success – a worthy pursuit?

How worried are you about YOUR success as it compares to others’?

Seth Godin fired off a short blog post The Internet as Envy Amplifier where he brings a perspective that seems to ring true:

“Now, if you choose, it’s easy to find someone taller, richer, more successful, better liked, with more followers, online friends, connections and endorsements. And certainly it will be someone less deserving than you.”

“A number isn’t who you are, and your status compared to other people isn’t how you’re doing.”

Some folks are competitively driven and MUST measure their “numbers” ad nauseum while others are quite content to flow along in blissful ignorance.

I’ve tried both . . .

Interestingly, perception isn’t always reality:

  • Some of the people I thought to be “producing” at insane levels were “below average” performers
  • Some of the people I thought to be laggards were literally blowing the lid off.
  • in both groups, I found a relatively small segment who actually considered themselves to be “highly successful”

I believe we ultimately measure our own success based on our personal “fulfillment” . . .

and when we begin gauging our success as compared to others we are selling ourselves short.

John Maxwell tells us “activity is not necessary accomplishment” . . . Doing doesn’t equal success.

I’ve heard it said that it’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you . . .

so . . . Quit driving yourself crazy and pledge to  live your life to the fullest by follow your passion (clear vision) . . . finding and holding to your niche (specialty) . . . Building an exit strategy (Retirement Plan) . . . and surrounding yourself with the right people who will keep you honest (Accountability)




just sayin’




About Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate Principal Broker and Founder of Pareto Realty, LLC. Creating the quintessential real estate firm with emphasis on "Live, Work, & Play" balance . . . and a true Performance Oriented environment for Real Estate Professionals. Serving the Real estate needs of Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee.
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