How far will worry and anxiety get you?

I believe that worry and anxiety are the root causes of many health issues . . . High Blood Pressure, Heart failure, and even cancer. My wife believes that “resentment” is the leading cause of cancer.

So . . . WHY do we fret so much?

What issues do we solve by worrying?

Worry and anxiety often lead to us deciding to QUIT and crawl into a hole (resulting in NOTHING getting done) . . . OR we get angry and WORK WORK WORK thinking that if we work HARDER and/or LONGER, we will “fix” the problem (Resulting in LOTS of STUFF getting done but not necessarily solving the problem at hand).


I learned some terms in my college economics class:



“Doing the same things and expecting different results”

We drive our selves to Insanity by allowing worry and anxiety to capture us in this trap of working harder/longer . . . Like a mouse on a wheel . . . running, running, running . . . and going nowhere.

Where we are “failing” in this effort lies in the:

point of diminishing returns

Definition (from

Input quantity at which a marginal product is maximized and beyond which it declines.”

There’s that point at which eustress converts to DISTRESS (and worry and anxiety tips to the unhealthy side)



  • a feeling of tension that is positive and enjoyable, as in fierce competition

 the Point of Diminishing returns is that point at which eustress shifts to distress.

This is when our productivity begins to “peter out” . . .

Peter principle 


Observation that in an hierarchy people tend to rise to “their level of incompetence.” Thus, as people are promoted, they become progressively less-effective because good performance in one job does not guaranty similar performance in another. Named after the Canadian researcher Dr. Laurence J. Peter (1910-90) who popularized this observation in his 1969 book ‘The Peter Principle.

Doing the same things and working harder and longer can only get us so far (to the point of diminishing returns) after which we reach this level of “incompetence” (Peter Principle) resulting in WORRY and ANXIETY and leading to resentment.

All that is VERY unhealthy and VERY unnecessary.

so . . .

What can we do?


Yesterday, Seth Godin wrote a little something about “Jumping line”: 

Jumping line vs. opening the door

“Too often, we’re persuaded that initiative and innovation and bypassing the status quo is some sort of line jumping, a selfish gaming of the zero sum game. Most of the time it’s not. In fact, what you do when you solve an interesting problem is that you open a new door. Not only is that okay, I think it’s actually a moral act.

Don’t wait your turn if waiting your turn is leaving doors unopened.”

Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING (worry and anxiety) suppress your natural instinct to jump line if means you’ll be INNOVATING and thereby opening new doors.

The healthier you’ll be 🙂

Just sayin’



PS: each quarter, I offer a free 3 hour workshop simply entitled “Life Rhythm Workshop” in which we explore our individual life balance of work, live, and play . . . our life purpose . . . and how we can focus daily, weekly, monthly, annually to stay on course . . . the goal?

More eustress and less distress!

The next workshop is Monday March 21 from 9-12 – Contact me to reserve your seat (limited to 15 participants)


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Residential Real Estate Principal Broker and Founder of Pareto Realty, LLC. Creating the quintessential real estate firm with emphasis on "Live, Work, & Play" balance . . . and a true Performance Oriented environment for Real Estate Professionals. Serving the Real estate needs of Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee.
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