My friend and Open Space Technology colleague Alan Stewart posted the “diagram” (below) along with the comment: “The ‘You are here’ diagram is a wonderful tool for getting things into perspective.”

This is a diagram I might print on a business card and keep @ 10 of them in my wallet for those special occasions when I encounter a person whose outlook on life is that HIS way is the ONLY way . . . or that SHE is SO important that the whole world will definitely come unglued without her magnificent presence. 

Proper perspective is important in all things, and (I believe) hinges on what I can only think to term an “abundance Mentality”. When we come from this way thinking, OTHER people become more important in the world.

Feeding an abundance mentality is easy –

Give more than you get without “keeping score” . . .

Seek to understand . . .

Know that there really is no “competition” in the world for you because YOU are the only YOU . . . Your power comes from your unique self (talent, intelligence, innovative capacity).

Abundance also means sharing yourself with as many people as possible while you are here. In this way, you are always learning and teaching and it is through these ever increasing number of “mets” in your life that you (and they) “leverage” each other to collective make a larger splash.

Now for the diagram . . . All of the above is true for us NOW and HERE and is very important for us  . . . to get the most out of our “Human Experience”.

I believe this Here and NOW experience for each of us individually is THE most important thing we have in our lives . . .

Especially when you realize that “YOU ARE HERE” (The diagram)

Adopting an abundance mentality may very well just what the doctor ordered . . . Less of “ME, ME, ME” and more of “US, US, US”.

We’re all in this together . . . just specks in the cosmos.

Just sayin’

From one speck to other specks . . . Let’s connect MORE!



PS – We’re coordinating an event we are calling the Nashville Real Estate Consortium – It’s a great place to practice this collective thinking abundance mentality and isn’t just for realtors . . . Any local business folks can engage fully.


About Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate Principal Broker and Founder of Pareto Realty, LLC. Creating the quintessential real estate firm with emphasis on "Live, Work, & Play" balance . . . and a true Performance Oriented environment for Real Estate Professionals. Serving the Real estate needs of Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee.
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