“Techniqued” again?

I’m now reading the book Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann – It’s right up my alley of living in a world in which focus is on a way of building relationships founded on a strong “securitization” (my word) of mutual:




Our ability to create any authentic relationship (personal or business) relies on people knowing, liking, and trusting each other “enough” to continue the relationship.

We can “one step further this” by saying that all relationships are created equal . . . True authenticity shows up when we “get” the truth that  there really should not be a distinction between “Business and Personal” . . . They’re all just relationships.

When we tune in to this know, like, trust way . . . we tend to have more of the “right people” show up in our lives . . . more “right things” happen . . . and we find a life rhythm that flows.

Seth Godin wrote a great little blog post this morning that fits:


excerpt: “The math here is simple. As soon as you work hard to please everyone, you have no choice but to sand off the edges, pleasing some people less in order to please others a bit more. And it drives you crazy at the same time.” Seth Godin

Our creation and preservation of relationships define our human experience . . . and ultimately our success and fulfilment of our unique life purpose.

There’s one sure-fire way to sabotage relationships . . . and I saw this word in Go-Givers . . . “TECHNIQUED”

When you “Technique” other folks into doing business with you through use of manipulative scripts and dialogs engineered to efficiently “capture” them as customers, clients, or friends . . . you’re operating on a crumbly foundation that will not stand the test of time.

Longer and more rewarding relationships take longer to develop through the “construction” of know, like, and trust . . . and it’s WORTH that investment in the foundation.

What’s your reputation?

I promise it precedes you in all human interaction.

Do you “Technique” people?


Do you Lead them towards their vision?

This is a choice . . . I choose to focus more on “their needs” and less on mine . . . one person at a time.

Thank you to Seth and Bob and David and Dad (Harrison Owen) and all of those other wise scholars and writers whose passion includes making a difference in this world.

I’m just sayin”




About Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate Principal Broker and Founder of Pareto Realty, LLC. Creating the quintessential real estate firm with emphasis on "Live, Work, & Play" balance . . . and a true Performance Oriented environment for Real Estate Professionals. Serving the Real estate needs of Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee.
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