Expect to be Surprised

Forrest Gump said: “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Nationwide Insurance has built a cult following around their slogan: “Life comes at you FAST!”

Heraclitus of Ephesus (c.535 BC475 BC) a Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe said (Translated in many different ways):

Everything flows, nothing stands still.

Nothing endures but change.
Everything flows and nothing stays.
Everything flows and nothing abides.
Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.
Everything flows; nothing remains.
All is flux, nothing is stationary.
All is flux, nothing stays still. 

There is nothing permanent except change.
Nothing is permanent except change.
Change is the only constant.
Change alone is unchanging. 

The only constant is change.

Harrison Owen – My Father & “Discoverer” of Open Space Technology recommends 6 posters on the wall for an Open Space Event:

Whoever Comes is the right people

Whenever it starts is the right time

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

When It’s over, it’s over

The law of 2 feet (Bumblebees & butterflies)



John Naisbett in his book Megatrends, coined the term:

 Raplexity – the interaction of complexity and speed of change and how together they greatly limit people’s ability to adapt and successfully change. “Raplexity” creates a systemic overload that can paralyze many of us, greatly limiting effective action.

We’re in a world of “Raplexity”  – a world in which it is VERY frustrating for those unfortunate folks who don’t do well with change . . . and surprise.

It’s fair enough to wish for stability and “status quo” . . . but reality is that (as in the above examples) 2500 years ago raplexity was just as much a malady as it is today . . . The existence of raplexity has not changed one iota.

so . . .

If our “struggle” in life centers around our desire to live in a vacuum in which we KNOW with certainty that everything will happen as we expect . . . we are, in fact, living a delusional life.

Go with the flow . . .

Ride the wave . . .

Life is a balancing act . . . and surprise is what keeps us vibrant and ALIVE!

embrace Change and uncertainty and surprise and the happier you’ll be.

Let it go . . .

Stop struggling . . .

Let your hair down . . .

Go ahead and do your strategizing and create your plans. Those are good to have because they give us an azimuth – a direction – a PURPOSE in our lives.

In the back of your mind, always remember that raplexity lurks and conspires to spoil the plan . . . and that seldom does anything of significance happen according to plan.

Life Happens . . .



HAVE FUN! – Click for a cool video

SMILE & MOVE! – Click for a fun video


I’m just sayin’




About Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate Principal Broker and Founder of Pareto Realty, LLC. Creating the quintessential real estate firm with emphasis on "Live, Work, & Play" balance . . . and a true Performance Oriented environment for Real Estate Professionals. Serving the Real estate needs of Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee.
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